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The next Shakespeares?

I think it’s safe to say, there’s a couple of Shakespeares in our trio so prepare for some fiery, dark, passionate words from our hearts and minds, calling out to yours.

Back when I used to commute to work via the central line tubes every morning and evening, I enjoyed writing poems and small anecdotes to help time pass by. I would always see the little boards next to the tube maps advertising people’s ‘underground poems’ I longed to have my intials on there one day but I never bothered to send mine in. Anyway, the writing started in early secondary school where I found it somewhat of a release…therapeutic some would say. I used to write all over my notebooks, hands, post it’s you name it- but when there was no pen on hand it was Facebook, Iphone notes or word! My writing has always stemmed from a dark place so please understand this is just how I write. Today I share with you a short ‘poem’ I typed up on the 13th of December 2013. Edited last on that night at 11:46pm. Enjoy. xo

Can you see what I see?

Some days can be really confusing. I can be so high and then so low.
It’s frustrating.
How does a heart work?
Where does life go?
Questions floating. Minds wondering.
Can’t you see she’s gone?
Look deep in her eyes – she’s lost.
Found again she smiles to herself.
Everything so bright she melts.
She falls once more and it’s dark.
Cold but it’s calm.
She expected worse, and it was yet to come.
Each time this happened she knew her fate had begun.
Starting the sun. Ending in rain.
What do you think…she’ll ever be the same?
Sane. Clean. Harmonious. Serene.
Who me?
I’m tangled. Badly.
Every angle- sadly.
Exit the door and don’t look back.
One, two, three. You didn’t listen.
She’s cracked.
And now you can see through.
Emptiness. Rotten core. She’s blue.
Frozen. Where’s the warmth she embraced?
Dead underground with a concrete base.
You thought you knew didn’t you? But you didn’t.
You got it all wrong, right from the beginning.
The end is in the distance. It passed.
For it was bad news. Right from the very start. SJ


Date night: Skygardens /Traders Vic

Hey Guys!

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”- Samuel Johnson

There is truth in that quote, every month-almost- something new pops in London. Whether that being a new restaurant or a new attraction, a new retro café or a new hipster diner.

After a year and a half of opening, I finally managed to book tickets for Skygarden– not an easy task!




Tickets can be booked online up to three weeks in advance as the evening time slots tend to be always sold out. Tickets are free.( Do not forget your ID, bank cards are accepted too)


This is a beautiful date location. Perfect for setting the mood before heading off to dinner. Breathing in the evergreen skyline of the London city at sunset is  simply mesmerising. I will let the pictures do the talking.



Second half of the evening at Traders Vic

I am Mauritian and I LOVE Mauritian food. It is that simple haha. I am a fan of Bbc masterchef winner Shelina Permalloo therefore I religiously follow her Instagram and her recent up and running Mauritian street food kitchen- Lakaz Maman. Have you guys  checked it out?(Ig:@Lakazmaman) Oh ’em Gee!


Mouth watering Mauritian food. Located in Southampton, too long of a journey for us Londoners however once I found out about the Island fusion she was bringing to Traders Vic, I had to try the menu.


To my surprise-I was so disappointed, it was not the authentic Mauritian food which we, Mauritians, have been brought up with.

The gato piment(chilli cakes) wasn’t made with pure, coarse daal instead it was a batter of some sort of flour with daal. The ‘satinis’ were a joke guys, omg I am seriously not this picky or fussy with food but I know food. I can’t even explain the taste. Have you ever fell facefront on the ground? So you must be familiar with the taste of grass? YEP. I was eating plain green grass as a dip.

After the terrible ‘authentic Mauritian food’ I was served at the restaurant, I decided to try out their own signature prawn curry. Bless my poor taste buds, they were destroyed after being drown in the heat of chilliness. It felt as if it was over compensating for the lack of flavour and taste of an actual curry. Again, I am Mauritian, we eat chillies with anything and everything…tangerines, pineapples, crisps- you get the idea. Therefore I can handle heat… anyway to cut the story short… it was pricey and overrated. First and last time.

I would love to hear about you guys’ own experiences of these places/ similar scenarios. Comment below if you have any questions.

Until next time…


Meems xo







*!One bowl brownies!*

Hey guys and girls!

As you’ll soon catch on, all three of us enjoy cooking and baking to some degree. I’ve only recently jumped on the bandwagon of baking due to having so much spare time at home. I always thought baking was hard but with more practice and keeping in mind it’s all about the science behind baking, I started to bake pretty well. So if I can do it, so can you!

Here’s a quick and relatively simple brownie recipe I found and use for when I feel like having cakey brownies. Soon I will add another post for a lovely chewy fudgy brownie. The main difference in these are larger quantities of the greasy ingredients i.e, butter, chocolate and sometimes oil.

Anyway let’s bake this cakey brownie!

Foody stuff =
3/4 cup all purpose flour (I don’t have a measuring spoon for 3/4 cup so its approx.96g)
1/2 cup soft or dark brown sugar (I like to use light)
1/2 cup unsalted butter (you can use salted if you like the sweet/salt taste)
1/2 cup white granulated sugar
1/2 cup baking cocoa powder
1/2 tsp vanilla essence (I always use Madagascan vanilla as it has no alcohol in it)
1/2 tsp baking powder (or 1/4 tsp for a slightly more dense brownie)
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs

Fun part where you can add any filling or topping I used:
1 bar of normal milk chocolate cut in to chunks
Smooth peanut butter to swirl in as a topping

You could use:
Jam, marmalade or Nutella as a topping
Chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, pecans, hazelnuts, marsh mellows, and just about anything for a filling!


*btw you won’t need the butter at room temperature as we will be melting it anyway!*

The other stuff:
Measuring scales or electronic scales & metric spoons
1 mixing bowl
1 spatula
1 wisk or electric hand mixer/wisk
1 teaspoon
1 cake tester or tooth pick
1 sieve if you find your dry ingredients have lots of lumps
7×11″ baking pan
Grease proof paper
Oil to grease
Extras: pencil, scissors, pastry brush

First things first, preheat that oven baby to 350 F / 175 C.

Grease your tin with oil or butter and line with grease proof paper. I use a pastry brush to grease as it’s just easier for me.


*to be extra you can pencil around your tin on greaseproof paper and cut around to ensure a neat greased pan like I did!*

Now start off by measuring all your ingredients as it makes it easier when you’re reaching to add them etc.

In your small saucepan on lowest heat melt your butter.


Whilst you leave that to melt and simmer you can combine all your dry (apart from flour) ingredients in to your bowl and lightly wisk or mix with wooden spoon however you wish.

In goes both sugars, salt, baking powder, & cocoa powder


By then your butter should have melted, so in goes the butter into the sugar mix, wisk until combined but do not over mix!!


Wait for mixture to cool before adding both eggs and your vanilla essence.
Mix until combined but again, do not over mix!


Your mixture should now look a slightly lighter brown.


Last step is to fold (with your spatula) your filling treats and flour until combined making sure you don’t over mix.


Poor your mixture into your tray and spread evenly with a spatula or knife

Now for my finishing touch this time round I blobbed a few teaspoons of peanut butter on top of my mixture. Doesn’t have to be fancy or neat (baking is much more fun when the kitchen gets messy!)


You can leave the blobs by themselves or make cute swirls with a tooth pick, spatula or knife


Now pop into your preheated oven for 18-20 minutes.

I always put my timer on for 18 minutes as you never should over bake brownies!

*10 minutes into baking you should start smelling that gorgeous brownie smell! Not long now!*

To check if your brownies are done, poke the middle of your brownies with a tooth pick or cake tester. It should hopefully come out clean! If not pop the brownies back in at 1 minute intervals, making sure you keep testing them.

img_2997And voila!! As hard as it is to resist tucking in straight away, let them cool for 20-30 minutes.


*for a cleaner cut you can put your tray into the fridge for a further 20-30 minutes*

Cut in and dig in!! I usually make custard or pour double cream over my brownie, but you can have them plain and simple or even with a dollop of ice cream with drizzled syrup all over. Omg this is why I’m fat 😦 Lol enjoy!!

Saba, xo

Thigh High? Sky High!



Review review review

The latest fashion craze and so on trend- thigh high boots!

I literally scavenged  almost every store in Westfield, Stratford city to find a good fitting thigh high boots. From Kurt Geiger, Dune, Aldo…etc too many to name!

I have quite “skinny”(dislike that word but just so you get an idea) legs therefore it is hard to find good fitting boots which stay up while I walk.


I love their customer service and omg their shoes are to die for! Have you seen their heels?

Sammy over the knees ££- Comfort 6/10, Looks 8/10

Sammy over the knees

I loved their Sammy Over the Knees boots-4 inch heels, nice fit and tie backs to hold them up however they weren’t the sky high I wanted.

Miss KG Venus ££- comfort 7/10, looks 5/10

Miss Vegas Venus

I didn’t like the velvet, it’s just not my thing but the fit was so goo-ood!

Last but not least,


Thigh high River Island boots £- Comfort 6/10, Looks 9/10

River Island Boots


They look great, perfect fit from the ankle to the thigh however the only issue I have is that it does not stay up much but it does not fall down all the way. So I decided to keep them!

#Tip- use safety pins to hold them up when wearing jeans or leggings.

I’m so fussy with shoes or almost everything-haha- it took me a lot of returns and exchange to find the right pair.

Hope this helps you out lovies!


Meems xo




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