Hey Guys!

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”- Samuel Johnson

There is truth in that quote, every month-almost- something new pops in London. Whether that being a new restaurant or a new attraction, a new retro café or a new hipster diner.

After a year and a half of opening, I finally managed to book tickets for Skygarden– not an easy task!




Tickets can be booked online up to three weeks in advance as the evening time slots tend to be always sold out. Tickets are free.( Do not forget your ID, bank cards are accepted too)


This is a beautiful date location. Perfect for setting the mood before heading off to dinner. Breathing in the evergreen skyline of the London city at sunset is  simply mesmerising. I will let the pictures do the talking.



Second half of the evening at Traders Vic

I am Mauritian and I LOVE Mauritian food. It is that simple haha. I am a fan of Bbc masterchef winner Shelina Permalloo therefore I religiously follow her Instagram and her recent up and running Mauritian street food kitchen- Lakaz Maman. Have you guys  checked it out?(Ig:@Lakazmaman) Oh ’em Gee!


Mouth watering Mauritian food. Located in Southampton, too long of a journey for us Londoners however once I found out about the Island fusion she was bringing to Traders Vic, I had to try the menu.


To my surprise-I was so disappointed, it was not the authentic Mauritian food which we, Mauritians, have been brought up with.

The gato piment(chilli cakes) wasn’t made with pure, coarse daal instead it was a batter of some sort of flour with daal. The ‘satinis’ were a joke guys, omg I am seriously not this picky or fussy with food but I know food. I can’t even explain the taste. Have you ever fell facefront on the ground? So you must be familiar with the taste of grass? YEP. I was eating plain green grass as a dip.

After the terrible ‘authentic Mauritian food’ I was served at the restaurant, I decided to try out their own signature prawn curry. Bless my poor taste buds, they were destroyed after being drown in the heat of chilliness. It felt as if it was over compensating for the lack of flavour and taste of an actual curry. Again, I am Mauritian, we eat chillies with anything and everything…tangerines, pineapples, crisps- you get the idea. Therefore I can handle heat… anyway to cut the story short… it was pricey and overrated. First and last time.

I would love to hear about you guys’ own experiences of these places/ similar scenarios. Comment below if you have any questions.

Until next time…


Meems xo