I think it’s safe to say, there’s a couple of Shakespeares in our trio so prepare for some fiery, dark, passionate words from our hearts and minds, calling out to yours.

Back when I used to commute to work via the central line tubes every morning and evening, I enjoyed writing poems and small anecdotes to help time pass by. I would always see the little boards next to the tube maps advertising people’s ‘underground poems’ I longed to have my intials on there one day but I never bothered to send mine in. Anyway, the writing started in early secondary school where I found it somewhat of a release…therapeutic some would say. I used to write all over my notebooks, hands, post it’s you name it- but when there was no pen on hand it was Facebook, Iphone notes or word! My writing has always stemmed from a dark place so please understand this is just how I write. Today I share with you a short ‘poem’ I typed up on the 13th of December 2013. Edited last on that night at 11:46pm. Enjoy. xo

Can you see what I see?

Some days can be really confusing. I can be so high and then so low.
It’s frustrating.
How does a heart work?
Where does life go?
Questions floating. Minds wondering.
Can’t you see she’s gone?
Look deep in her eyes – she’s lost.
Found again she smiles to herself.
Everything so bright she melts.
She falls once more and it’s dark.
Cold but it’s calm.
She expected worse, and it was yet to come.
Each time this happened she knew her fate had begun.
Starting the sun. Ending in rain.
What do you think…she’ll ever be the same?
Sane. Clean. Harmonious. Serene.
Who me?
I’m tangled. Badly.
Every angle- sadly.
Exit the door and don’t look back.
One, two, three. You didn’t listen.
She’s cracked.
And now you can see through.
Emptiness. Rotten core. She’s blue.
Frozen. Where’s the warmth she embraced?
Dead underground with a concrete base.
You thought you knew didn’t you? But you didn’t.
You got it all wrong, right from the beginning.
The end is in the distance. It passed.
For it was bad news. Right from the very start. SJ