*drum roll*

All about the Three Girls…

We like to believe we are independent women who are still learning how to ‘adult’  and adjusting to life while trying to have fun growing up… in L o n d o n baby.

Just over a decade, we have known each other. The two of us (Shameema & Jayde) met in primary school where the new kid was not so welcome but the lovely babe- Jayde made Meems aka Shameema-nickname alert- feel at ease and match made in heaven!

Fast forward to Secondary School life, the third of the trio was found and it was love at first sight! Enter Saba. Our lives were quite different to the others therefore it infact we only made sense when we stuck together no matter what, through thick and thin, rain or shine… We opened up to each other, we lifted each other, we supported each other and we pushed each other and we still do, this is why we are all standing so strong and embracing life.

Our friendship is out of this world.

We thought we will take turns introducing ourselves…

First up Shameema,

I am pretty much the mum of the group though I am in my early twenties and have no kids of my own yet! I also happen to be the eldest one therefore ‘we’ thought I should do my introduction first. So here goes…

Currently studying English literature and language, I have an eternal love for classic novels and creative writing…perhaps Shakespeare’s sonnets has me “spellbound” too-haha. Other than that I am quirky, talkative and fun but you’ll learn all about that through our blogs! xo

Now Saba,

It’s hard to know how to describe myself without sounding 1 of 3 things; spoilt, silly and way too sentimental.

I’m the 2nd (shortest & heaviest) eldest out of our little trio though I think we would all agree that I can at times be the most ‘babied’. The ingredients of my personality weigh in at 300g roadman, 300g emotional, 200g spoilt, 150g annoying and weighing in the lightest- 50g confused. I’m nearly always extremely loud so being told to shut up or sssh is nothing new to me. In regards to my future, I will be satisfied with sh*ts loads of a money and a house full of kids xo

Next up Jayde,

Quirky is a nice way to describe myself. I am little crazy, normally the one making inappropriate jokes & cheesy puns .
It’s fair to say that I have a bold personality and I am much like marmite you either love me or hate me but I am all about that love baby!
I like to think that I am a super grounded person although I enjoy the finer things in life. I work hard and my bills are always paid first! Crazy-I-down to earth so yep that’s me pretty much summed up xo

P.S I am a hairdresser so be ready for hair tips!